Monday, December 3, 2012


HA ! You won't dessert me now. Will you ? :P

I'm one of those random male species who love to toil around in the kitchen to make something for all to eat. Well, toiling around might be pushing it. So I have a sweet tooth, and when I don't get that certain something, then I will be craving it forever. So I went for the easy solution. Learn to make it yourself. Your ammunition is readily available. Your ever ready Google. And some good old hard work.

The first masterpiece that I tried for (and succeeded) is something known as Tiramisu, a coffee-holics Ambrosia. The basic ingredients are readily available (save the whipping cream). Cake, cheese-spread, sugar and the never-enough-coffee.

Here is a link to a step-by-step recipe that I followed. I'll be telling you how I made it here, and some tips to make it.

One thing you should learn, even if it is your first time making it is - DO NOT FOLLOW THE RECIPE TO A TEE. Recipe are just guidelines. Improvise. And then you can make magic. :D

So what you will need.
  1. A big bowl to make the whole damn thing
  2. Cake. Vanilla sponge is good. The softer it is, the better. (I bought mine from Best Bakery)
  3. Cheese Spread (200gms = One bowl of Amul REGULAR Cheese Spread )
  4. Eggs
  5. Sugar (a bit powdered for the whipping cream)
  6. An extra container or two (You will see why soon enough)
  7. An Electric Beater
  8. The amount of coffee powder you use depends on how strong you want the coffee taste to be. (I like mine strong, so I add in extra spoon or two or three :P And use instant if you can. No sediments = WIN) 

  • Learn to double boil. The first time is a pain. But it is unbelievably useful. Even heating ftw XD
    • Use the double boiling method to blend the coffee mixture in the first step
  • Cooling using ice is better, faster and more convenient than waiting for nature to move her ass.
    • Same principle as the double boiling, minus the heat, plus some ice-cubes with the water
  • If you feel particularly picky about a smooth texture, strain the mixture before you add cheese and blend it
  • Slowly waiting for the blender to blend is not worth the effort. Vigorously moving it helps get it a better texture. Especially for the whipping cream. Add in *powdered* sugar with the whipping cream to get it extra sweet. :3
  • And fill in the bottom layer throughout with cakes. DO NOT LEAVE AN OPEN GAP.
  • When you brush the coffee mixture on the cake, don't be stingy. The more soaked your cake gets, the more better it will taste. Also make sure you don't over do it. You don't want it to be too soggy.
  • Don't forget to brush the more coffee on the second layer. You will regret it for the lack of coffee.
  • Whipping cream gets frothier the more you whip it. And it gets whipped better when it is cool.
  • Always top with something. What I like to use is Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. Blow it over as it falls down to spread it evenly.
  • Serve Chilled

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Viva La Internship

Hey. Its been a while since I last updated my blog. Been trying to convince my lazy ass to get up and start typing. A lot has happened since then. Presently, i'm home after completing my internship for the summer. Its been fun.

What I did in a nut shell
I was working with a CMS system. Content Management System(CMS) is a client-targeted Web Site Manager with a GUI for the client to manage his/her site very easily. My project there was to add in the form creation/modification module.

What I worked with
Wamp. One of THE MOST basic tools you will find useful if you are trying to create a website. Its a combination of a web server (Apache), a PHP service, and a DBMS system (MySql).

Notepad++. A text editor which has its advantages. Not as highly advanced as Emacs or anything, but with more than enough features to help you with your work. Plus it's built in with a code highlighter so it's pretty darn amazing.

Google Chrome. Your friendly neighborhood web browser.

What I learnt to work with
JQuery. One very vast system which coupled with some other languages provide a very useful interface for web development. Not only that the community is very helpful, and also provides using plugins which makes thing a lot easier for us.

CSS. Everyone knows what goes here, so nothing much to be mentioned. I guess.

PHP. I never realised that PHP had so many functions until now.

Some Plugins you will find useful
Jquery UI: Honestly, by far one of the most handy UI I have found yet. you can add in a lot of features with minimum work. One which I found particularly useful, the Jquery Dialog (aka modal)

Twitter Bootstrap: With a built in CSS Library, the Twitter Bootstrap is getting really popular as one of the most used Web-page Modeling Source. But as a friend recently pointed it out, it might be getting overused.

Initializr: Something else that I found very useful. A template generator, which means you can easily give your site a structure.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

College life.

I started college around three years back. Seems like a long time now. Well, like in most colleges, ragging is something like a tradition. Your seniors do it. Your friends do it. You do it. And most importantly YOU get ragged. In the institute where I'm from, (National Institute Of Technology, Calicut) ragging is not that big an issue. Its not because of any lack of trying. Government instated laws now hand out harsh retribution if you are caught for the same, starting from temporary suspension to year backs.

I'm not here to bore you all with all those details, so lets leave it at that. I am here to bore you all with my experiences in first year. Managed to live my entire semester (two in fact) with minimum ragging. Got into the computer center (where i'm not supposed to be, but meh), too many times. Started reading mangas. (Thank you and And some forum crawling. Forums are weird and interesting. You learn a lot about the world and the internet from here. If someone tries to be a prick (IRL or in-game, either way) he gets brought down. HARD.

So that's pretty much my first year.
So I finally decided to continue writing on my blog. I'm a troller at heart. So if I get chance to troll, I do it. Speaking of trolling, there used to be something called "rick-rolling". Used to be because, even people do get rick rolled, its on a WAAAY smaller scale. People used to go head over heals in try to get people rick-rolled. The original video is this

This is where people say, "You just got Rick-rolled". Just to know the lengths to which people go to to rick roll others, i'll show you an example. This is something that happened to me. I like to crawl through various web sites. Posted below is something from failbook

Go on, open the link. Read the entire post. Then listen to the video and you'll get what I meant. I'll be posting more stuff. Weird creepy, interesting, tech stuff. Anything interesting that I find while I search through the minuscule portion of the vast internet that I can look through in smy short life span. And Stein, ignore any grammar mistakes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sketchings of Nothing: The Thing I'd Never Do

Sketchings of Nothing: The Thing I'd Never Do: "I started a blog. [Enter gasping audience here] Ahhh, yes. The ramblings of nothing from someone who, really, has nothing to talk about (I..."

So yeah everyone I know has started to write a blog. Stein somehow manages to convince people to write blogs. Meh. Writing a blog is a pain. Well that is how I see it. I mean, you'll have to write a lot of stuff so people just view your page. And then work on the post so that more people will comment on it. Oh and by the way, while i am writing this post, no one knows I have started. I intend to keep it that way for a while at least