Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Viva La Internship

Hey. Its been a while since I last updated my blog. Been trying to convince my lazy ass to get up and start typing. A lot has happened since then. Presently, i'm home after completing my internship for the summer. Its been fun.

What I did in a nut shell
I was working with a CMS system. Content Management System(CMS) is a client-targeted Web Site Manager with a GUI for the client to manage his/her site very easily. My project there was to add in the form creation/modification module.

What I worked with
Wamp. One of THE MOST basic tools you will find useful if you are trying to create a website. Its a combination of a web server (Apache), a PHP service, and a DBMS system (MySql).

Notepad++. A text editor which has its advantages. Not as highly advanced as Emacs or anything, but with more than enough features to help you with your work. Plus it's built in with a code highlighter so it's pretty darn amazing.

Google Chrome. Your friendly neighborhood web browser.

What I learnt to work with
JQuery. One very vast system which coupled with some other languages provide a very useful interface for web development. Not only that the community is very helpful, and also provides using plugins which makes thing a lot easier for us.

CSS. Everyone knows what goes here, so nothing much to be mentioned. I guess.

PHP. I never realised that PHP had so many functions until now.

Some Plugins you will find useful
Jquery UI: Honestly, by far one of the most handy UI I have found yet. you can add in a lot of features with minimum work. One which I found particularly useful, the Jquery Dialog (aka modal)

Twitter Bootstrap: With a built in CSS Library, the Twitter Bootstrap is getting really popular as one of the most used Web-page Modeling Source. But as a friend recently pointed it out, it might be getting overused.

Initializr: Something else that I found very useful. A template generator, which means you can easily give your site a structure.

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